1977 Commander – 114



Make: 1977 Commander

Model: 114

Price: $79,900 1100 lbs. USEFUL LOAD!
Complete Logs, No Hail Damage, No Corrosion.
Last Annual April 2013. TTAF 3540, 110 SPOH, 1160 SMOH.

3540 TTAF, New Guild G35 Battery September 2013, New IFR Pitot Static Check Cert October 2013, ELT battery next due January 2014. Newly overhauled alternator!

1160 SMOH, Damage History from 2009 Nose Gear Collapse – Properly Repaired with Complete Engine Tear Down and Inspection. Engine completely Gone Through by Broadie’s Aircraft Inc. Ft. Worth TX. Logs state:
“Removed engine from aircraft for sudden stoppage inspection. Engine mount P/N 625000401, S/N 229 was sent off for repair and recertification. Disassembled engine and all steel parts were sent out for inspection and recertifcation. Engine case was sent out for inspection and recertification. All six cylinders were removed with the pistions lft in the cylinders. Exhaust system was sent out for repair and overhaul. Prop governor P/N J210345, S/N 2171611 was sent out for service. Oil cooler and lines were flushed out. Oil sump P/N LW-18438 and two mounts P/N 70456 were inspected with dye-penetrant. Assembled engine case with new bearings P/N 18D19394 & 18A19441. Crankshaft was polished to standard on the mains and .003 on the crank pins (see 8130’s). Rods were installed with new bearings P/N 18M19389-MO3, new bolts P/N 75061 and new nuts P/N LW12186. New lifter bodies were installed P/N 72877 . Installed new cam P/N LW 19340. Replaced crankshaft gear P/N 13S19647, bolt P/N STD2251 and lockplate P/N LW10332. This complies with AD2004-10-14”. Torqued to specs safetied the ears of the lock plate. Assembled prop governor drive gear p/n LW10442, prop gov idler shaft P/NLW14021 and prop gov. idler gear assembly P/N10541 in crankcase. Installed new oil pumphousing P/N78531. oil pump drive gear P/N LW10318 and oil impele kit P/N05K23463 in rear case. This complies with AD96-09-10 C1. Torqued case and cylinder bolts per Lycoming Overhaul Manual P/N60294-7.
Installed (0) McCauley 3 Blade prop at this time.

Basically a complete (0) on the bottom end of the engine, so its like getting a overhaul without paying for it!

Stec 50 with Alt. hold
Garmin 327 Transponder
Collins audio panel
Collins Digital 251/351 Nav/Coms
Collins DME
Collins ADF
Kind KLN 89b IFR certified
Argus 5000 moving map slaved to KLN 89b
electric trim
4 place intercom

9 Like New, Rear Glass is New (Dark Tinted)

10 All New Ultra Leather Deluxe Interior. New interior Plastic and redyed, All New Carpet. This interior cost near $10,000 and is second to none! Will be completed Jan.1,2014 Done with all FAA certified materials!

Extra Features:
Tow bar, Complete Logs
1100 lbs. USEFUL LOAD!

  • Year Built: 1977
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Status: Sold