1981 Cessna – 182RG N7131S



Make: Cessna

Model: 182 RG

Price: $85,000
Complete top to bottom airframe overhaul to Factory new specs.
including Wings & all control surfaces rebuilt by custom airmotive, avionics, cables, nuts, bolts, bell cranks, hydraulics systems, brake system, seats, sky lights, glass, interior, paint, etc, complete landing gear system overhaul and much much more …Too much to list.
These are the best airplanes money can buy! unlimited budgets for maintenance
The planes were professionally flown and used for surveillance NOT flight training, they are often flown at 50% power settings once aloft.
Fresh annual November 2012
This plane has been totally corrosion proofed!
Delivery available anywhere in the world!
Complete Logs since new!
All available info leads us to believe there is No known damage!
Aircraft is on an AD log system…best logs you will ever look at!
Maintained to the highest level possible!

1700hrs. Since total airframe overhaul by Executive Beechcraft in December 2003! This is a $90,000 airframe overhaul, completed December 2003. They strip every part off the airframe and replace with all new or overhauled parts. Basically (0) time the airframe.
Unlimited budgets on these aircraft.
Most people have never seen anything like this!
I will email these pages to serious buyers.
A phone call is all it takes.
The log book write up is 10 pages long for this $90,000 airframe overhaul! Everything is brought back to NEW condition! unbelievable airframe overhaul!

8275 TTAF,
1700hrs. Since total airframe overhaul by Executive Beechcraft! This is a $90,000 airframe overhaul, completed December 2003. They strip every part off the airframe and replace with all new parts. Basically (0) time the airframe. Unlimited budgets on these aircraft.

1725 Since Factory overhauled engine

hese planes are loaded.
Take a real look at what your getting!
Don’t miss out on a rare aircraft. This plane is equiped with TCAS Traffic Collision Avoidance System L3 Skywatch 899. Today this is a very viable ad on option….I think every pilots worst nightmare is the MID AIR collision. This is the best system that you can buy! it show’s you all traffic up to 12 miles away and tells you where the other traffics is located and what direction and altitude in relation to your route of flight… its all displayed on the BF Goodrich 1000E Storm scope which is far more than a storm scope its an EFIS electronic flight information system. This is NOT garmins Mode S…this is far better….it works every where not just a radar service area. The 899 skywatch interigates every transponder in the sky not just a radar service area! No matter where you fly…….you will always have collision avoidance! It is a $20,000 ad on to this plane!

Dual Bendix King KMA-24H Audio Panels PILOT-COPILOT
Dual Bendix King KY-196 Narco 811Digital flip/flop Comm 760 Channel Com
Bendix King KI-204 Glide Slope Indicator
Bendix King KN-53 Nav Receiver w/Glide Slope
Bendix King KR-87 Digital ADF with slaved KI229 indicator
Bendix King KA-44B ADF Antenna
Bendix King KI-229 RMI slaved HSI, NAV 1&2, ADF($5000)
Bendix King KT-76A Transponder with Mode C
Bendix King KN-63 Digital DME Receiver
Bendix King KDI-572 DME Indicator-COUPLED BOTH NAVS
Bendix King KR-22 Marker Beacon Receiver (Remote Mounted)
Bendix King KCS-55A Slaved HSI W/boot strap output-AFF & SS ($15,000)
Bendix King KA-118 Demodulator
Bendix King KFC-200 Flight Control System w/Flight Director-fully coupled ($30,000)
Bendix King KA-144 Servo Regulator
Bendix King KEA-129 Encoding Altimeter
Bendix King 5934PA-1 Standby Altimeter
Skywatch SKY899 Active traffic system ($20,000)
WX-1000E EFIS System storm scope, coupled GPS, Gyro Slaving to HSI($17,000)
GEM-603 Insight Graphic Engine Monitor System
Shadin Mini-flow Fuel System / coupled GPS (STC’d) Davtron Digital Clock
Avionics Cooling Fan, Avionics master switch
True airspeed indicator SK182-87
Standby Vacuum Pump System
12v acc plug
Alternate static source
Pilot-Co Pilot PTT
Electric Trim
tinted glass,
Electro-luminescent panel Post lights/map lights/overhead lights/eyebrow lights.
92 gallon “wet wing” 95 Amp Alternator / 28V System Factory Zinc Chromate,
Refueling Steps and Handles, Carburetor Air Temp Indicator, Rosen Sun Visors,
Dorne & Margolin ELT Pulselite System (STC’d), Strobe Lights,
Heated Pitot, Stall Warning Indicator, Pilot and Copilot Articulating Seats,
Dual Opening Windows, Rear seat air vents, Factory shoulder harnesses,
Small raised gas caps, Static wicks, Nav light detectors,
Right hand opening window, Ground Service Plug, Factory extended baggage,
Tail mounted rotating beacon, Pitot Heat, Wingtip nav lights
Dual Landing Lights, Bracket Air Filter, Rudder Trim.
Landing Gear Mirror, Horizontal Abrasion Boots, Static wicks

New Paint & interior 2011 Beautiful! Complete strip and repaint with all new Stainless fasteners. Intereior is new headliner to Carpet.

Very nice


Extra Features:
New Set of cowl plus and key chain! New Gill 35 battery and tannis engine heater.

  • Year Built: 1981
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Status: Sold